And the winner is…

Thursday, August 21st, 2014
sugar pink food
Wine is synonymous with food, but rarely the two actually meet on the same plate. Ok, sometimes in a savoury form; think red wine in bolognese or white in risotto. Right now though a trend is emerging of the sweet variety. Enter Pop Champagne ice lollies, and English wine sorbet.
They may sound a little unusual which is why you may agree that it takes a certain sort of intuition and inventiveness to foresee the trend then dream up the concepts.It’s for this reason that we’re delighted to announce that Sugar Pink Food is the winner of Hardy’s Chardonnay Blogger Challenge. Latoyah, the brains behind the blog hosted a blind Chardonnay tasting of Hardy’s Chardonnay and created three Chardonnay inspired recipes for her guests:

* Chicken and Chardonnay filo tarts
* Raspberry and Chardonnay blondies (a white chocolate version of a brownie)
* Chardonnay iced cupcakes
Huge congratulations, Latoyah has won dinner for her and her friends to be cooked at her home by local chef read her winning post and try out her recipes visit her winning Chardonnay blog post here.


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