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Sunday, March 21st, 2010

back_to_basicsWINE IS FABULOUS TOO!

If I asked you to tell me about the last time you went out with friends I wonder how much you could recall. The name of the venue for sure and the friends you spent the evening with without doubt. How about what you were wearing and the food you ate? Remember? I thought you would. Now can you tell me what you talked about, who said what, a couple of stories that were told? Yep, thought so. Ok and what about the wine you drank? What was it? I’ll give you a minute…..

……red, white, rosé, sparkling? What about the grape it was made from, the country and region it was produced in or the winery that made it? If I’ve lost you at this point my money is on one of a few good reasons:

1. You were having such a good time you didn’t take any notice of the wine in your glass
2. Your friend ordered the wine
3. You simply have no interest in what you drink

If you answered 1 or 2 then I think we have something in common. We enjoy wine. I bet we are also similar in that we watch what we eat, we follow the latest fashion and care about how we look. Why is it then that we give such little thought or attention to one of the fun things that has become an integral part of most of our working weeks? Having a glass of wine!

When I consider the endless list of things I talk to my friends about; clothes, food, restaurants, films, bars, keeping fit, men…. the subject of wine is always missing. We never talk about it, and certainly not in the detail that we would about other things we put in our bodies! Is it a subject that’s reserved for middle class, middle aged men? Is it because it’s boring? Or is it because we already know everything we need to know; we like it, so we drink it.

I must admit that I’m not your average wine consumer. I read about wine, I’ve taken my wine exams (yes they do exist and they’re surprisingly tough!) and I’ve worked in the wine trade since I graduated 9 years ago, I was even born with a wine taster’s nose, the perfect shape for stuffing in a glass and absorbing the Bouquet. But I’m forever amazed at the number of people I meet that want to talk to me about wine the minute they hear that I work with it. So why is it normally such a silent subject?

I’m on a mission to uncover the underlying passion I think so many of you have which is to talk about and understand more about wine, because if you ask me you are what you drink!

So, if you are interested in becoming more wine savvy there is no need to sign up to a costly wine course, or study the 1855 classification laws of Bordeaux. All you need to get yourself on the road to wine-savvydom is to start by taking notice of the wine list and deliberate over what you’re going to order with as much consideration as you would the food on a menu. For example if you’re a pinot grigio fan then try a sauvignon blanc instead and if you’re an ABC girl (Anything But Chardonnay) dare to revisit this grape, you might be pleasantly surprised that they’re not the oak-monsters they used to be.

I’d love to hear about the wines that you’ve been drinking lately and answer any questions you may have so please do get in touch!

Miss Bouquet x

Twitter: @MissBouquet

What wine will you be seen drinking??

Sunday 21st March 2010

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