Because you’re worth it…..

Monday, February 20th, 2012

I had my hair done the other day. Colour, trim, blow dry, the lot. I walked around swooping my do in a way that’s only possible in the 24 hours after walking out of the salon. I saw a lot of people in that time. My old flat mates, my colleagues at work, the regular people that are always on my bus and of course Mr B.

It’s more than just the extra swoop a freshly done do gives, it’s an extra little spring in your step and maybe the odd ‘did he just wink at me?’ blush. I felt all of these things the other day, that was until two days later when Mr B cocked his head, looked at me and asked ‘have you done something with your hair?’ No one had noticed my bouncy new bob. Suddenly it wasn’t just my hair that felt deflated.

What was I was trying to achieve from my three figure visit to the hairdressers? Good-looking hair, tick. Feel good swooping factor, tick. Hair that looked just as it did before? Well yes, actually. Nine times out of ten we go to the hairdressers to get our hair put back to how it was before. Essentially we’re looking for consistency combined with a little bit of film star glamour for the day.

In wine terms Champagne is the perfect comparison. 95% of Champagne we drink in the UK is non-vintage (or NV) which means it’s a selection of wines from different years carefully blended to create a consistent quality or ‘house style’ from year to year. That’s why broadly speaking your Veuve Cliquot and Moët tasted the same this birthday as it did last.

It’s the same formula for many wines produced on a large scale, consistency is key. Think of your last glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or Chilean Merlot. Where Champagne differs of course is that it comes with that lovely film star hit and swooping feeling that your glass of Merlot at half the price will never be able to achieve!

For a consistently good but altogether different Champagne experience then save these guys in your favourites They specialise in ‘grower’ champagnes which means lesser-known names, an exclusive feel and a sensible price tag. Try Champagne Charmant Brut Premier Cru NV. It’s as charmant as the name suggests with white chocolate aromas on the nose and all the refreshing delight you get from your first bite into a sweet and crunchy garden apple. For an impromptu spring in your step and an extra flick of the hair get your hands on a bottle.

Hang on a minute….. did he just wink at me??

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One Response to “Because you’re worth it…..”

  1. Charles says:

    Which is your favourite champagne , and why? So many to choose from, it’s confusing!