House wine….

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Drinkaware Track & calculateAt a wine tasting hen party I hosted last week one of the lovely hens was encouraging me to make my own wine. She got her home kit from Wilkos and worked out that a bottle can cost less than £1.50 to make. Wow. I couldn’t hide my admiration for her dedication to having affordable wine literally on tap in her home. This I must try.

In the same week one enterprising duo on Dragon’s Den got funding to grow their home-brew cider kits targeting the uni student market.  Ready in tens days all you have to do is add water and voila, 20 pints of cider for £24.99. That’s £1.25 a pint! While Duncan Bannatyne snatched up a serious measure of Victor’s Drinks for a bargain Deborah Meaden made her feelings clear and distanced herself entirely from the sensitive subject of large volumes of extremely cheap alcohol being made widely available…. Could home-brew kits be next on the anti-alcohol lobby hit list?

In the mean time Mr Bouquet has just announced that in a bid to fit into his swimming trunks he is giving up alcohol for three days a week so I advised he download the latest in technology to help inspire him along the way. Drinkaware’s Track & Calculate app has just been launched and has been designed to inspire us to reduce our alcohol intake and feel better as a result; a practical and easy-to-use app to help us understand the impact of how much we drink, and support us to change our habits for the better. Which is all very well but…. who will drink Cuvée Bouquet now?

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