Less fizz, more sparkle….

Monday, July 30th, 2012

My Nana is 95 and she loves a drink, years of routine has her body clock set for a tipple at 6pm every day. She has varied her favourites over the years, sherry, rum and coke, brandy on ice, but as far as aperitifs go she’s never enjoyed sparkling wine. It’s just too bubbly.

I know what she means, gulping down a glass of liquid and gas can make you, well… burpy, and that’s not very ladylike. So I was interested to hear about a new trend in France to decant Champagne which calms the sometimes aggressive bubbles. The method is simple, take a carafe, make sure its squeaky clean, open your bottle and pour in slowly. Mellowing the fizz is one benefit but this method of serving also helps the characters of the wine to express themselves more, in the same way a carafe aids a big red wine. It may sound a little pretentious but I got to try it for myself and it works.

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