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Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

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I was recently sent a press release of a very different kind. Instead of someone asking me to try their wines and encouraging others to drink it this release was actively asking me to abstain! Odd.

It went on to explain how having three alcohol free days a week could make a real difference to my health*. Ok, logical.

But what really caught my eye were the slogans they’d created and the way they portrayed the situations of the people they were targeting, especially for a government funded health campaign. With slogans like ‘put the washing on without getting loaded‘ ‘ have dinner without the sauce’ ‘do the dishes without a glass’ and my favourite ‘watch the tv without a G&T’ they’re mildly amusing albeit painfully stereotypical.

Which leads me onto a similar campaign I came across today which was formed on research that revealed on average 66% of young adults spend half a day suffering from hangovers, while one in ten 18-24 year-olds suffer for a whole day. The message reads;

‘Get watered not slaughtered’

As a fan of slogans and even more of puns (‘Miss Bouquet… nose good wine’ I still chuckle about that one!) this latest brain child of is cringe worthily too down-with-the-kids for my liking. But that’s not to say that drinkaware are completely out of touch, their alcohol unit and calorie calculator is a work of simplistic genius. Use it whether you’re wanting to lose weight, calculate what you can or can’t have a glass of before you drive or if you’re worried you or someone you know might be drinking too much too often.

To be recommending a calculator this month (something I had up until now only associated with pain) seems more surreal than having a picture of Tom Cruise rotating on my site last month! Could this be the first signs of delirium? No, it’s probably just the side effects of my first booze free day of 3 to come. Roll on the weekend!


* is a campaign created by NHS Birmingham East and North encouraging women to have at least three alcohol-free days every week by signing up to the ‘3 Days Booze Free’ challenge
** Drinkaware provides consumers with the facts about alcohol to make informed decisions about the effects of alcohol on their lives and lifestyles

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2 Responses to “Message in a bottle….”

  1. Eamon says:

    Nice post. Good to see this sort of issue being highlighted, it being a blog on alcohol after all.

    I don’t think these slogans will have any effect at all, to me they lean way more on the painful side than amusing!

    I read this book recently, and you should read the Amazon review entitled ‘A sobering thought’, the chapter on the ‘forgotten Irish’ in Cricklewood is certainly more powerful than a catchy slogan could ever be.

    The drink calculator however – ftw.

  2. Gavino says:

    ‘Get watered, not slaughtered” is genius. I’m stealing that for my next blog post.

    These campaigns are odd though aren’t they as I have never met anyone who has adjusted their alcohol intake as a consequence of advertising. There also seems to be an increasing number of PR puff pieces in national newspapers at the moment that feel like we’re on the verge of some neo- prohibitionist legislation.

    On a personal level, my wine consumption has plummetted since we had our first child. Try functioning as a human being with no sleep AND a hangover when you are 40 years old! So there you have it, moderate your alcohol consumption by becoming a parent!