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Saturday, October 10th, 2009

105I’m on my way to the penultimate wedding of 2009. It’s been a mammoth year for weddings, so much so that Clarky asked me the other day if I had become a professional wedding guest! If only! Imagine that, you get to do all the fun stuff without being involved in the intricacies of the organisation and planning. And you’d be paid to go instead of having to take out a loan to travel the country, buy new outfits, stay in hotels and buy gifts you never get to see. And don’t get me started on the bar tab at the reception, whatever happened to the concept of a free bar?! It seems it’s a perk reserved for the rich and famous. Which is ironic really.

So, I’m on the train to Halifax (which reminds me I must check where that is on the map) and after a ridiculously early start I’m already gasping for a glass of champagne. Hang on, I must remind myself that there’s a credit crunch on so the finest bubbles are no longer guaranteed. It’s a shame that of late champagne has become the drink not to be seen drinking, it will go down on one of those year lists that they write: 2009, the year of….. abstinence. How depressing.

I’ve been invited to an unusually high number of weddings this year ‘up north’ (watch this space for “Miss Bouquet’s tour of the UK” 😉 which is good because it means I’ve got to see quite a lot of the country, but they have different traditions up there so I’m never really sure what to expect. At the last wedding I went to they served Perry* for the toast during the speeches – “I must not be a wine snob, I must not be a wine snob” – so far as the unexpected goes I think that’s top of the list, seriously it’s not like the wedding was on a farm!!

Weddings are an expensive business (so I’m told) so cutting back on the bubbles can be a neat way to save some money for the honeymoon, and there are many other delicious alternatives to champagne to fit every budget that means no-one should have to serve Perry ever again. You could move Prosecco Monday to Saturday and everyone’s a winner. Vintage Cava can also be a very handsome alternative and you can’t go wrong experimenting with some of the sparklers coming out of South Africa. Graham Beck for example. I’ll let you know what the happy couple decide to serve, fingers crossed there’s not a pear in sight!

* Perry is the pear equivalent of apple cider

10th October, 2009

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