Sushi, sparkling wine and snow…..

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

ukai sushiLast night I had take away from Ukai for the second time this week, maybe you already know it, they’ve got three branches in London so far. If you don’t and you like sushi then may I introduce you to a great calorie minimal treat for January. Forget readymade sushi platters from your local supermarket, this is freshly made on site and eco friendly, all their fish is sourced sustainably.

Anyway, the girls were coming over and I’d promised them an evening of DVD’s, NYE wine left-overs, xmas stocking chocolates and a January friendly guilt free meal – sushi take away from Ukai. Saturday nights in don’t get much better than this!

I decided I should reward my pals for their efforts for crossing London in the snow and dutifully stocked my fridge with three sparkling wines:

1. ‘Taste the difference’ Champagne, Vintage 2003
2. Prosecco Beato Bartolomeo Breganze Extra Dry
3. Lindauer Brut Cuvee from NZ

A mixed bag for sure and of varying quality.

The champagne was the reward they deserved, the Prosecco tasted like a dirty soap dish but the Lindauer Brut Cuvee not only went perfectly with our sushi it also out sparkled them all. Served nice and chilled and in our mini-measure friendly sparkling wine flutes the nose was full of the aromas you find walking past a Parisienne patisserie, one when they’ve just taken out a fresh batch of pain au raisin. The palate was like baked apples with raisins and drizzled honey, just like mum used to make. It was complex and dry, cold and refreshing, perfect with sushi and only £8.38 a bottle from Sainsbury’s.

Très bien.

As an advocate of Prosecco I was disappointed by the bottle we opened. It couldn’t be because it was a Saturday not a Monday – could it?! I’m afraid I’m not prepared to open another to find out. The Lindauer however has really got my taste buds going. I plan to pick up a few bottles from Majestic (according to their website if you buy 2 bottles or more you get 25% off) for whenever the sushi cravings hit. Of course if sushi isn’t your thing then consider this another well dressed bottle to keep a stock of on your wine rack, the Lindauer label is silver, gold and black which according to today’s Style magazine is right on point. Metallic is in. You heard it here…… second.

* Lindauer Brut Cuvee (£9.99 @ Majestic, buy 2 save 25% and £8.38 @ Sainsbury’s)
* (sushi heaven)

Sunday 10th January 2010

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2 Responses to “Sushi, sparkling wine and snow…..”

  1. LB says:

    Dear Miss B,

    Yet another excellent article and tip. I myself am not a fan of Champagne, I find it over-priced and the bubbles make my nose tickle. However, I understand that may be alone in this and so love the idea of having a cheaper option on my shelves, which still looks at home stacked against its French Brother.

    Thank you!

  2. I am a big fan of Lindauer for when I can’t afford French champagne – although usually prosecco also does the trick!