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Because you’re worth it…..

Monday, February 20th, 2012

I had my hair done the other day. Colour, trim, blow dry, the lot. I walked around swooping my do in a way that’s only possible in the 24 hours after walking out of the salon. I saw a lot of people in that time. My old flat mates, my colleagues at work, the regular people that are always on my bus and of course Mr B.

It’s more than just the extra swoop a freshly done do gives, it’s an extra little spring in your step and maybe the odd ‘did he just wink at me?’ blush. I felt all of these things the other day, that was until two days later when Mr B cocked his head, looked at me and asked ‘have you done something with your hair?’ No one had noticed my bouncy new bob. Suddenly it wasn’t just my hair that felt deflated. ………

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It’s not all red, white & rosé….

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

chanel black pearl
Wine flavours and aromas can be difficult to express in words and in the wrong hands can change an awesome wine into a blur of obscurity and boredom. This week Miss Bouquet steps into the shoes of a beauty columnist to see how they manage so successfully to inspire their audience to embrace new colours, a challenge she discovers a lot easier to meet when the fashion elite, a spot of celebrity endorsement and some well known pirates are involved….

Spring time nails go Hollywood…. The Spring/Summer 2011 fashion collections are long off the cat walk and enough time has passed for cosmetic companies to adapt their range to suit the fash-pack. When it comes to nail varnish there’s one brand that leads the way; Chanel. Last year’s sell out Particulière – a muddy gray-taupe crème – has this Spring been replaced by a somber shade that’s more rock chick than feminine and more Pirates of the Caribbean than French elegance; enter the Black Pearl. ………

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Appearance isn’t everything….

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

98Well I would say that wouldn’t I especially to my colleagues when I arrive at the office in my cycling lycra! But that’s not the only time I’d say it. I’ve noticed it becoming more and more relevant to wine. For example last night I opened a bottle of rosé that I bought from Majestic for my birthday party. It was a rich pink colour, bright and glossy with a clean and simple looking label. Lovely. I chose it for two reasons. 1. it reminded me of the colour I had painted my toe nails and 2. it was a ridiculously low price and I needed some plonk to go into the punch. ………

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