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Man up….

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Champagne Billecart_Salmon Brut Sous Bois NVStop. Date check. It’s 2011, non? And yet I’m still rarely passed the wine list unless Mr B gestures for the waiter to do so. It makes me wonder when I’m out with my girlfriends how staff decide which one of us looks worthy of being handed the wine list. What qualities do they look for within the group? The one with the largest nose? The one that looks like they earn the most? Wine savvy or not when it’s just us girls they can’t fall back on the usual indicator of what is or is not between our legs….

With this in mind I’m manning up. Not in a stuff my trousers sort of way or by quoting equal rights the next time a wine list is swooped into Mr B’s hands. Non, this month I’m manning up my wines, I’m talking wood, full bodied, oaky wines that stand up and get noticed and can’t fail to be taken seriously. Au revoir light and floral, delicate whites and pinker than pink summer rosés. This season I’m drinking manly wines, wines that won’t pull their punches and are so fantastically complex that you’ll be left in no doubt as to who’s wearing the trousers. ………

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The pre-apéritif-apéritif….

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Moet ambienceThere’s definitely some change a foot in the wine world but I’m yet to put my finger on it. For starters the last two wine events I’ve been to didn’t have a white clothed trestle table in sight. You see! Take Moët and Chandon who this week launched a ‘ground breaking new champagne’. The biggest Champagne brand sold in the UK in terms of volume, loved and loathed in equal measures by the wine trade for its success and longevity as much as for its sheer volume of sales. And it’s now loved and loathed by me for its ability to bring a slice of St Tropez chic to a noisy roof terrace overlooking Hyde Park Corner as much as for its creative use of the term ground breaking. ………

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WWW. (Wonderful Wedding Wine)….

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Essenze Waipara Pinot GrisThe last time there was a Royal wedding I was two. My parents and all the neighbours held a full on street party, the kind you were allowed to throw in those days without sending off for a pack on health and safety guidelines or gain permission from the council to have a good time. Twenty-nine years on and I’m not only old enough to throw my own street party but I find myself recently engaged and planning a wedding of my own.

It’s all been a bit over whelming so far. Having never really indulged in the dream of a big wedding Mr B was a bit shocked when I said ‘yes’ and then failed to produce a wedding scrap book containing images of our perfect day. In hindsight a bit of time spent thinking about the sort of wedding I’d like wouldn’t have been time misspent as without it every decision so far has been filled with doubt. The venue, the stationary, the dress, the photographer. Each decision has come with an equal dose of sleepless nights and compromise. ………

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All that sparkles…..

Friday, October 29th, 2010


It’s not very en vogue to boast about indulging in wine of the bubbly variety, especially when most of its Champagne. But given the circumstances I think you’ll forgive me. And besides it doesn’t count as frivolous if someone else buys it for you, does it?? You see there’s been some big news chez Miss Bouquet ….. last week Mr B and I got engaged!! Now then, before you log off and vow never to return to my site again please be assured that I’m not the kind of girl that will let the wedding take over every conversation. And to prove it I’ll get straight to the point. The sparkling list so far reads:

Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvee NV (x 2!)
Champagne Perrier Jouët Grand Brut NV*
Champagne Mumm Brut NV
Champagne Veuve Clicquot Brut NV
Champagne Piper-Heidseick Brut NV
and…. Anna de Codornui Cava Brut NV

Its like a who’s-who from the Champagne Information Bureau’s annual trade tasting, with a Cava thrown in to keep a girl level-headed. ………

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The trouble with wines by the glass episode III…..

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Mr&Mrs Smith France

There is definitely a little je ne sais quoi in the air…. Bastille Day followed by the Tour de France, topped off with the launch party of Mr & Mrs Smith’s Hotel Collection – France. I love cycling but I only took part in two of the events above, naturellement.

1. Bastille Day at Battersea Park proved France is anything but out of favour with Londoners as queues for the country’s gastronomic delights were consistently longer than my patience can handle!

2. The launch of Mr & Mrs Smith’s Hotel Collection – France, embraced an air of shabby chic that only West London and parts of Paris can get away with and still retain their cool edge as we hung out in Notting Hill’s quaint Travel Book Shop drinking Champagne Ruinart Brut NV and eating our body weight in cheese from the dangerously waist-expanding La Fromagerie. ………

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Pink wines style it out….

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

glasses of rose_croppedI’m fresh back from Milan, the city of fashion, food, and fabulous weather. Have you been? It’s a place where brands rule and paupers drool. Prada, Missoni, Ferrari…. there’s temptation at every corner!

I was amazed at how quickly we acclimatised to the local way of life. Fresh pasta, authentic pizzas, and gelato felt like second nature after our first lunch and our afternoons quickly became structured around the Milanese institution that is aperitivo hour as soon as the clock strikes 6pm.

Yes, everything to do with London became a distant memory the minute Milan’s summer sun hit our shoulders. Everything that is except for the rosé. In London when the sun comes out sales of rosé wine peak along with burger buns and BBQ sauce. Not so in Milan, it’s red, white or limoncello it seems. We hunted high and low, from traditional trattorias to curb side cafés, from pizzerias to fancy Milanese bars, hell we even ventured to the Bulgari Hotel, all in the name of research you understand! ………

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