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Red wines play it cool….

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

casablanca pinot noirIt surprises me every year just how satisfying the ritual of putting away my winter coat has become. Mine is already tucked in the trunk by my bed and my credit card is gearing up for a shopping spree. I do however find the wine-shift, now synonymous with this routine, much less rewarding. It’s a moment you’re probably familiar with too. You get off the tube gasping for a glass of something cool only to find the last bottle on your rack is an Icon wine from Chile you never found an occasion grand enough to warrant opening.

Whether it’s the weather or the wine itself nothing affects the taste of a wine more than temperature. Red wine served too warm or white wine served too cold, and don’t get me started on “best served at room temperature!”

If you’re a natural born red wine drinker and are accustomed to putting away your corkscrew at the same time as your winter jacket then think again. A lighter style red like pinot noir from Chile, gamay from Beaujolais or sangiovese from Italy are all refreshingly light in style and ………

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Wine-mare on Tooley Street….

Friday, October 16th, 2009

halloween1We’re still a couple of weeks away from Halloween but as I’ll be at a wedding (surprise surprise) on the ghostly night of the 31st Clarky kindly extended her invite to The London Dungeon’s Scare Witch Trials last night to me and Mrs H so I didn’t miss out. The promise of wine and canapes had me intrigued from the start; what spooky wine would the organisers choose to serve to their guests?

I dutifully arrived on time with my thirst at the ready and we were bustled into the ‘Horrifying Halloween Forest’ and subsequently the pitch black – I hadn’t prepared myself for a blind tasting! ………

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