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We’re on the case with Oddbins…. literally!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012
Oddbins Wine Bloggers CaseFor an ancient trade like wine, genuine firsts are now few and far between. In the wine headlines lately there’s been the launch of the world’s first paper wine bottle, a failed en primeur campaign for an otherwise good quality vintage – a first for Bordeaux, the rise of the enomatic wine sampling machine and the unstoppable popularity of English wines, something the old-school-wine-boys thought they’d never live to see.
As with so much to do with wine, the level of interest in the above is of course subjective, but I’d like to add my contribution to the list of new wine initiatives by announcing what we believe to be the first wine collaboration of its kind in the UK – the Oddbins Wine Bloggers case. Invited as one of six of Oddbins’ favourite UK wine bloggers (more subjectivity, I know!) we were given free reign to taste our way through their cellar and select our favourite picks for an exclusive twelve bottle case. The result? “Twelve fantastic wines straight from Oddbins’ shelves independently chosen by six of the most talented wine writers in the business.”Ok, so Oddbins wrote that bit…. ………
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Very almost Brilliant…..

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
A great friend of mine doesn’t need to come to The Thinking Girls’ Wine Night. She already knows exactly what wine she likes. She started her love affair with wine earlier than most when she worked at one of Raymond Blanc’s restaurants up north. After some initial flirting with Viognier she found her true love was Sancerre, the crisp, zingy style of Sauvignon Blanc from north west France that makes your mouth salivate with pleasure.

She has good but expensive taste and as a big fan of Sancerre myself she tasked me last summer with finding one for her where quality and price were not mutually exclusive. Tricky. ………

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Because you’re worth it…..

Monday, February 20th, 2012

I had my hair done the other day. Colour, trim, blow dry, the lot. I walked around swooping my do in a way that’s only possible in the 24 hours after walking out of the salon. I saw a lot of people in that time. My old flat mates, my colleagues at work, the regular people that are always on my bus and of course Mr B.

It’s more than just the extra swoop a freshly done do gives, it’s an extra little spring in your step and maybe the odd ‘did he just wink at me?’ blush. I felt all of these things the other day, that was until two days later when Mr B cocked his head, looked at me and asked ‘have you done something with your hair?’ No one had noticed my bouncy new bob. Suddenly it wasn’t just my hair that felt deflated. ………

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Les vins, les femmes, pas de Boursin….

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

When I’m in France I battle with my desire to eat every delicious morsel put in front of me, the need to exercise for guilt-free-gluttony and the green eyed monster that surfaces when I see slim French women at the same restaurants I’m eating in but who I never bump into around the champagne paved streets of Reims running off le fromage….

It’s a curious fact that has always bothered us Brits, how do les belles femmes do it? ………

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Sip up and take notice…..

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

I’m just back from Burgundy. I love it there; every time I go it makes me question why I live in London. I don’t know about you but there aren’t many places that make me do that or try to convince everyone I know to visit too.

It’s such a charming region of France: so picturesque, so preserved, so proud, so French, the food, the people, the city of Beaune…. the wine…. You may be wondering why in a wine column I haven’t put wine at the top of the list of things I love about Burgundy. It’s not because I don’t love les vins de Bourgogne, far from it, but take a little step above the ‘entry level’ Bourgogne blanc et rouge and it all starts to get a bit complicated, a bit pricey and it’s no secret that there’s not enough of each wine to go round!

That’s why the other aspects of Burgundy are so important when it comes to discovering the wines of the region. The more time you spend there the more difficult it becomes to quench your thirst with the entry level stuff and the more curious you become of the regions’ other wines. If you’re not following me take a trip to Beaune, pour le weekend, then you’ll know what I mean & you’ll be telling everyone about it too.

I find it similar with wine shops. ………

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Luxurious, affordable Bordeaux…..

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Dourthe_with white spaceAt this time of year when credit cards are Christmaxed-out and we’re cold and weary from parties and shopping, Chez Bouquet I’m looking for a wine that both comforts and tempts but isn’t diametrically opposed to the balance on my bank statement!

Infrequently referred to as a region where luxury and affordability meet, Bordeaux can in fact be just the place to look for that reassuringly priced wine hug that’s perfect for a cold Christmas night in. Dourthe’s Croix des Bouquets 2010 (£10 from Oddbins) not only has a great name but is temptingly affordable and comfortingly different in style.

A classic white Bordeaux blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillion its complexity comes from 6 months aging in oak barrels to give an opulent and youthful white wine with fresh apricot and apple aromas. If you’re fed up with hearing that Pinot Noir is the only wine to be seen serving with your turkey then take note; this is the ultimate white replacement.

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