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The pre-apéritif-apéritif….

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Moet ambienceThere’s definitely some change a foot in the wine world but I’m yet to put my finger on it. For starters the last two wine events I’ve been to didn’t have a white clothed trestle table in sight. You see! Take Moët and Chandon who this week launched a ‘ground breaking new champagne’. The biggest Champagne brand sold in the UK in terms of volume, loved and loathed in equal measures by the wine trade for its success and longevity as much as for its sheer volume of sales. And it’s now loved and loathed by me for its ability to bring a slice of St Tropez chic to a noisy roof terrace overlooking Hyde Park Corner as much as for its creative use of the term ground breaking. ………

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WWW. (Wonderful Wedding Wine)….

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Essenze Waipara Pinot GrisThe last time there was a Royal wedding I was two. My parents and all the neighbours held a full on street party, the kind you were allowed to throw in those days without sending off for a pack on health and safety guidelines or gain permission from the council to have a good time. Twenty-nine years on and I’m not only old enough to throw my own street party but I find myself recently engaged and planning a wedding of my own.

It’s all been a bit over whelming so far. Having never really indulged in the dream of a big wedding Mr B was a bit shocked when I said ‘yes’ and then failed to produce a wedding scrap book containing images of our perfect day. In hindsight a bit of time spent thinking about the sort of wedding I’d like wouldn’t have been time misspent as without it every decision so far has been filled with doubt. The venue, the stationary, the dress, the photographer. Each decision has come with an equal dose of sleepless nights and compromise. ………

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Drink now…

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Muscadet_TasteTheDifferenceProsecco_TasteTheDifferenceAs Mr B and I save up for our wedding it’s becoming increasingly obvious that our priorities have to change. Less eating out and more eating in, our patience is tested every time we turn on our creaking old lap tops and the snakeskin peep toes that are just what I’ve been looking for will never make it into my wardrobe. Not this season anyway. Luckily I’m not as much of a magpie as some of my friends so this temporary hold on all things new isn’t as painful as it may be for some. But whether you’re saving your pennies or not life’s too short to drink bad wine!

Unfortunately however where technology and fashion have become the fast moving goods of our generation when it comes to wine ‘old equals good’ is a reputation that’s proving difficult to shift. Something I’m reminded of every time I’m shown a dusty bottle of wine and asked if it’s worth anything. Remember, ………

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Spring 2011 wine trends…..

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011


shaw_M3_bottleTaste the difference Beaujolais VillagesThe rediscovery of fashions past is ever present. My March issue of Elle magazine tells me we should bid adieu to 80’s shoulder pads whilst preparing to (re)embrace the 70’s flare. In wine terms things don’t move quite so quickly but there are definitely some trends this season that you should look out for. Here are my top 3 wine style tips for Spring 2011….

Aromatic whites have their time and place. I’ve recently gone off Gewurztraminer, for example. Riesling on the other hand I can’t get enough of. Elegant and delicate, never lacking intensity, sometimes dry, sometimes sweet. It’s like one of those floral print jumpsuits you can’t decide whether to love or loathe… it may not be to everybody’s taste but find the right one and you’ll feel like it’s been made for you. ………

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A top harvest at Les Jardins de Saint Benoît…..

Friday, December 10th, 2010

LesJardinsDeStBenoitAs a self confessed Francophile I’ve often wondered where my love of France began. Was it the exotic breakfast staple of croissant and pain au chocolate, those long summer holidays spent camping with my family or could it be that the first boy I kissed was French? Who knows? What I do know is that despite travelling widely around the country for business and pleasure, no two visits are ever the same and my recent trip to Les Jardins de Saint Benoît resort in the tiny village of Saint Laurent de la Cabrerisse in the South served only to fuel my enthusiasm for all things French. ………

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Corbières. Wine as dramatic as the weather….

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

corbieresI’ve been working in the wine trade since I graduated, which without giving away too much is around the 10 year mark! During that time I’ve been lucky enough to travel widely and sample wines from some of the most celebrated vineyards in the world. And yet, just like you, I’m guilty of taking the fact I can buy wine down the road from pretty much any major wine producing region in the world for granted. Even worse than that I’ve enjoyed wine for most of my adult life with little consideration for the efforts that have been taken to produce the stuff. This is one of several reasons why I jumped at the chance of picking grapes at Les Jardins de Saint Benoît, a new holiday resort nestled in the rolling hills of the southern French wine producing region of Corbières. ………

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