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Wine: good for you, bad for you….

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

A recent article online introduced me to the ‘imbibing idiot bias.’ Have you heard of it? From my research it’s not a new phenomenon, it’s quite a common reference used in the U.S. It basically gives a name to the ‘unconscious’ perception we place on people we see drinking alcohol to be dumber than their abstaining pals or colleagues. Studies have been done on the subject (obviously there is money to burn somewhere!) that advises that the ‘imbibing idiot bias’ is most detrimental during job interviews where candidates that chose a glass of wine with their meal are seen as less hireable than those that didn’t.

Even in my line of work I’m surprised how few interviews I’ve been asked to involve tasting wine – whether over dinner or otherwise. Maybe my wine exam results speak for themselves or perhaps, ironically, more wine is consumed in other professions! ………

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Les vins, les femmes, pas de Boursin….

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

When I’m in France I battle with my desire to eat every delicious morsel put in front of me, the need to exercise for guilt-free-gluttony and the green eyed monster that surfaces when I see slim French women at the same restaurants I’m eating in but who I never bump into around the champagne paved streets of Reims running off le fromage….

It’s a curious fact that has always bothered us Brits, how do les belles femmes do it? ………

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Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder….

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Just as the January detox comes to an end we’re faced with the encroaching thought of lent. With all this pressure to abstain it’s enough to bring out the binge drinker in a girl! But could the heaving wine rack full of left over Christmas wine all be in vein? According to UK MP’s the answer is yes! The findings of a recent report simply advises us to have two alcohol free days a week. C’est vrai!

If you’re weaning yourself back onto wine or thinking about giving it up for lent, either way you’ll be looking for a treat that’s full of flavour to wake up your taste buds or memorable enough to keep you going until Easter. Try a sophisticated Shiraz from Australia’s McLaren Vale. The Battle of Bosworth Shiraz Viognier is a great example of an elegant fruity red, laden with ripe black fruit flavours, blackcurrant, liquorice and delicate herbal notes make it the thinking drinkers Aussie shiraz. Great with curry. And if your self restraint wasn’t already enough this bottle’s got extra feel good factor because it’s organic too!

*polishes halo*

Mr B and I were given a bottle of The Battle of Bosworth Shiraz Viogier 2008 as a wedding gift but I also found it available online at organic wine specialists for £15.50.

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Message in a bottle….

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

nhs birmingham message 3 nhs birmingham message nhs birmingham message 2

I was recently sent a press release of a very different kind. Instead of someone asking me to try their wines and encouraging others to drink it this release was actively asking me to abstain! Odd.

It went on to explain how having three alcohol free days a week could make a real difference to my health*. Ok, logical.

But what really caught my eye were the slogans they’d created and the way they portrayed the situations of the people they were targeting, especially for a government funded health campaign. With slogans like ‘put the washing on without getting loaded‘ ‘ have dinner without the sauce’ ‘do the dishes without a glass’ and my favourite ‘watch the tv without a G&T’ they’re mildly amusing albeit painfully stereotypical. ………

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Wine, waist, age…

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

92I’m told that I’ve recently reached a milestone, the big 3-0. Yes I’m 30 and I’m not entirely sure what all the fuss is about. Some of my friends have been dreading it, some have embraced it, for me it’s been a great few months of parties, nice frocks and good wine. No, I don’t think turning 30 has been a hurdle to climb, nothing has changed. I’m still in the same job, I hang out with the same friends, everything is moving along quite nicely thank you very much. There is however one little thing that is catching up with me and I think I can lay the blame with my new age. The thing is, my waist line keeps expanding. Now that’s not to say I’m over weight and I’m definitely not asking for any pity-compliments, but the problem seems here to stay. ………

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