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The trouble with wines by the glass….

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

El CaminoResearching for my latest wine column in The Notebook I was asked to write about New World wines. It may sound pretty unchallenging on the surface but believe me that’s about as broad as it gets. Where do you start? In the same way I solve most of life’s conundrums I suppose…. by opening the wine list. Bien sur!

The timing of my research coincided perfectly with a few hazy weeks full of friends, food and wine. You know me, it wasn’t necessarily in that order…. anyway, it’s been good, and it gave me plenty of opportunities to find the inspiration I needed. Lots of mini measures of wine by the glass meant I could taste a pallet load of different wines and still remember what I’d tried the morning after. Sticking to wines from the New World I tasted some great wines and terrible ones. Of note was a red I had at ‘409’ restaurant & bar in Clapham north called Miss Harry 2007. Produced by Hewitson Wines it’s a blend of Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvèdre from the Barossa Valley in South Australia. A close second was a hunky-chunky Pinotage from South African producer Beyerskloof that I had at Out-of-the-Blue bar in Wandsworth while catching up with ‘Lil Jo*. ………

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Prosecco Mondays…

Friday, August 28th, 2009

100This may seem a little random but Mondays chez Miss Bouquet have long been ‘salad night’, an evening of light food and light relief after the excesses of the weekend (bare with me…) So on Monday when I caught up with Little Jo I cooked her my favourite light but hot summer dish – smoked salmon tagliatelle. Yum. ………

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The Wine Journal has arrived….

Monday, August 10th, 2009

96If you’re following me on twitter ( you’ll already know that I’ve finished writing up my July wine journal. I must admit it’s quite a relief, it’s been a challenge to make note of every wine I’ve consumed in the last month and looking at the total I think that could be something to do with the number of wines I’ve had!

In retrospect I’m not sure how many I thought I’d got through before I tallied it up. Let me have a think… if I’d tried one wine everyday of the month that would have been 31 and as it turns out I had 8 wine-free days, so at a guess maybe 23 wines? Non, miles out. A grand total of 44 wines…. Eeek, it’s no wonder my waist band’s been expanding! What I find surprising is that I’ve tried this many wines during a month that I would have said was relatively quiet! ………

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