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All that sparkles may not be gold….

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

ortrugo_framed_smProsecco: like an overgrown garden riddled with ivy, is everywhere. Everyone wants it, everyone is selling it but it’s caught what I call Pinot Grigio syndrome: an affliction that affects the cost of a bottle but not the quality.

Remember when Pinot Grigio was the cheapest white in the bar? And Prosecco the cheapest sparkling? Well, they too often taste as such but have a look next time you’re out and about, I bet you’re paying third or forth position prices on the wine list, si? The prices won’t come down, of course, but my gut and my purse tells me that given time all that sparkles may not just be Prosecco.

If you’re wondering what to turn to for a thoughtful alternative then stay in Italy, in the Emilia Romagna region to be precise, and look no further than Bonelli’s Ortrugo 2013, a frizzante style of fruity, summery, elderflowery goodness. At £12.95 from Park & Bridge you’d do well to grab a bottle and drink to the future of Italian sparkling wine. 

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To BYO or not to BYO, that is the question…..

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

EpsilonI’m all for enterprising new wine ventures but since when did BYO become serious? The Bring Your Own Wine Club launched a couple of months ago, you may have heard about it they got a slot on the BBC news. The concept is simple, the founders have;

partnered with many of London’s best restaurants — all of whom otherwise prohibit BYO or normally charge a hefty corkage fee — to offer wine lovers the privilege of bringing their own special bottles to accompany their meals for no or reasonable corkage fees.” (

Hmmmm, another elitist wine related company, just what we need.

For me BYO exists to fill a need that’s the exact opposite of what the BYO Wine Club has established. It means you can treat yourself to a good bottle of wine, some good food and get out of doing the dishes, wouldn’t you say? In fact I think Britain could do with a few more BYO restaurants for exactly that reason, not so some Champagne Charlie has the chance to try an overpriced bottle of Bordeaux Daddy bought en primeur… Oh and did I mention the £99 annual membership fee? What’s that you say Mr.BYOwineclub? You’d like me to pay you to have the privilege of opening my own wine in a restaurant that isn’t even yours? Really??

Non, I don’t think so. ………

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Sushi, sparkling wine and snow…..

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

ukai sushiLast night I had take away from Ukai for the second time this week, maybe you already know it, they’ve got three branches in London so far. If you don’t and you like sushi then may I introduce you to a great calorie minimal treat for January. Forget readymade sushi platters from your local supermarket, this is freshly made on site and eco friendly, all their fish is sourced sustainably.

Anyway, the girls were coming over and I’d promised them an evening of DVD’s, NYE wine left-overs, xmas stocking chocolates and a January friendly guilt free meal – sushi take away from Ukai. Saturday nights in don’t get much better than this!

I decided I should reward my pals for their efforts for crossing London in the snow and dutifully stocked my fridge with three sparkling wines:

1. ‘Taste the difference’ Champagne, Vintage 2003
2. Prosecco Beato Bartolomeo Breganze Extra Dry
3. Lindauer Brut Cuvee from NZ

A mixed bag for sure and of varying quality. ………

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New Year Wine Resolutions…

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Happy New YearIt’s January, your Christmas tree’s had it and let’s face it so have you. The party season has taken its toll and you’re ready to continue the traditions of the season and write your new year’s resolution list. This year I’ve taken a more than an average interest in my friend’s lists and now they’ll know why. Here are their top 5:

* lose weight
* get fit
* pay off credit cards
* drink less wine….. (eek)
* get married (double eek!)

If you’ve put ‘drink less wine’ on your list don’t write it off as another resolution lost just yet as drinking less wine is the wine trend for 2010. Follow my three step guide and you’ll see you can drink less, still have fun and feel good about keeping to at least one of your NY resolutions! ………

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Professional wedding guest

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

105I’m on my way to the penultimate wedding of 2009. It’s been a mammoth year for weddings, so much so that Clarky asked me the other day if I had become a professional wedding guest! If only! Imagine that, you get to do all the fun stuff without being involved in the intricacies of the organisation and planning. And you’d be paid to go instead of having to take out a loan to travel the country, buy new outfits, stay in hotels and buy gifts you never get to see. And don’t get me started on the bar tab at the reception, whatever happened to the concept of a free bar?! It seems it’s a perk reserved for the rich and famous. Which is ironic really. ………

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Prosecco Mondays…

Friday, August 28th, 2009

100This may seem a little random but Mondays chez Miss Bouquet have long been ‘salad night’, an evening of light food and light relief after the excesses of the weekend (bare with me…) So on Monday when I caught up with Little Jo I cooked her my favourite light but hot summer dish – smoked salmon tagliatelle. Yum. ………

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