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Come on England!!

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Camel Valley vineyardThe World Cup is responsible for a lot of things lately; nervous excitement as we all grip to the thread of hope that England are still in; sleepless nights as Mr Bouquet stays up watching each and every game and a rise in the sale of all things Brazilian…. including wine.

Rather astonishing the UK is now the number one export market for Brazilian wines which considering we’re also in the game to win it makes me think that wine importers and retailers have got this a bit wrong. Pushing Brazilian wine while England are still in with a chance seems a little traitorous. Surely at moments of patriotism like this it’ll be sales of English wines that sore?


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A rosé by any other name….

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Cult wine, icon wine, celebrity wine: what does it all mean? The first two will mean something to the wine trade and to wine enthusiasts and the third means something to everyone else. Being the wine hussy that I am makes me open my wallet and my mouth at the sheer mention of either or all of these über wines and yet rarely, very rarely will cult, icon or celebrity be used to describe a rosé…


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In the pink…..

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

The sun is shining and my freckles are out so it can only mean one thing…. I’m not in the UK!! I’m on a short but well needed holiday in Portugal. It’s not all pleasure play I’m not far from Sir Cliff Richard’s winery and my curiosity couldn’t resist a pit stop, more on that later. For now though the sun is out, the fridge is stocked with rose and in the words of Sir Cliff “we’re all going on a summer holiday” so here are my top tips for drinking rose this summer, it’s better late than never: ………

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The last of the summer wine….

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

pink stripes cropped2The last of the summer wine…. is it that time of year already? My bikini has yet to see the light of day & my consumption of rosé hasn’t peaked since Christmas, yet the *crunch* of pink screwcaps opening, which has long signalled the sound of the summer wine, has been unusually quiet this season. Surprisingly though I’ve realised I’ve not actually missed it.

Amongst the wine trends I’ve been enjoying over the last few weeks – including a renewed interest in chilling red wine (hands up those that heard me on the radio talking about that one?!) and the rise and rise of the delicious wines of Portugal (more on that next time) – a general nonchalance towards the nations favourite summer wine had passed me by. ………

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Miss Bouquet’s World Wine Flag – The Results!

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

WWF_logoThe results are in! The wines selected to fly the Miss Bouquet World Wine Flag are ready to be revealed! Last month, when England was still in the World Cup and the St George’s cross was freckling the streets I got a group of football widows together for a night flying a flag of a different kind. The World Wine Flag. Red, white and rosé of course.

Why? Well I’ve sat through my fair share of formulaic wine trade seminars in my time, you know the ones with the dramatic sounding titles that lead you to believe that by attending this seminar you’ll walk away with the key to abundant wine sales at profitable margins for years to come. My most recent experience of this time wasting exercise was at the London International Wine Fair 2010 in May. The seminar was alluringly titled:

“Where is the UK wine category heading”


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A rosé by any other name….

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

les maison languedoc-Roussillon_logoThe other day I was invited to … drum roll please…. ‘the world’s first synchronised wine tasting!’ An event where wine, technology and a truly international palate would meet. The concept seemed simple – 90 wine specialists (journalists, bloggers, wine educators) from across the world would taste the same wines at the same time and be connected via video link to the winemakers*. Hosted by the Sud de France, one of France’s many generic bodies responsible for promoting produce from the area, I was invited to taste 5 wines** chosen as the standard bearers of the region at their London offices in Cavendish Square.

In the spirit of the high tech event that it was I had been asked to bring my laptop, naturellement, so I could ‘blog’ about what was happening in real time. On arrival though it was clear to see the genre of the event hadn’t registered in the minds of some, and despite the video link equipment around the room only 4 of us had the right tools to fully participate. A reflection of the wine trades inability to keep up with what is now the most basic of technologies? Perhaps. But what then does it say about wine journalism when 2 of the remaining invitées had to be supplied with notebooks! Seriously. ………

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