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A jolly rotten read of noble proportions….

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

A recent survey found that British men enjoy drinking wine at home but avoid ordering it in a pub in fear of ridicule from their friends. Could we be in need of a wine equivalent to the electronic book reader that allows us to drink what we like while enjoying the same anonymity as the kindle allows our written guilty pleasures?

It’s a situation Decanter readers must find themselves in. They love wine, they secretly want to ditch the well paid city job and pick grapes but so ridiculed is the reputation of a wine geek that they download their copy from itunes to digest those wine scores and tasting notes on the privacy of their tablet.

Could Noble Rot be the answer to a wine geeks’ prayers? A too-cool-for-school printed magazine that’s somehow created a cross between a collection of short stories and the brochure for an art house cinema. A wine publication you want to be seen with? Very possibly. ………

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