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Monday, September 16th, 2013

Burgundy is in. Whether you’re wine, lipstick or clothing. It’s what you should be wearing and drinking this autumn. Home to two of my all time favourite grape varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Burgundy produces the perfect wines to ensure a smooth transition into the changing seasons. And they don’t have to be budget breaking Burgundies either, as two wines from Lidl prove.
Sealed with plastic corks and wearing labels as flimsy as school toilet paper their Jean Truffot Bourgogne Haute Côtes de Beaune 2011 red and Chablis 2012 are no-frills-attached wines that you’d benefit from serving with your eyes closed. But….. they don’t taste bad at all and for less than £8.00 they may be two of Burgundy’s very few every-day wines. Given 24 hours to mellow the red was light, savoury, brambly and lovely with roasted root vegetables and roast chicken. Also needing a bit of time, the Chablis showed its light, creamy, apply characters and a smooth but crisp finish more confidently on day two.
Of course Burgundy may be the original home of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir but if you prefer your Pinot with a touch more fruit try their New Zealand example from Marlborough which is full of juicy black and red berry goodness. Don’t be mislead by its ‘dry’ tag on the front label, it has a definite but more’ish sweetness on the finish.
(Images from left to right)
Pinot Noir:
Bourgogne Haute Côtes de Beaune rouge 2011, Jean Truffot, Burgundy, France, rrp £7.99 Lidl
Pinot Noir 2011, Marlborough, NZ, rrp £6.99 Lidl
Chablis 2012 , Burgundy, France, rrp £7.69 Lidl


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