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Monday, August 10th, 2009

96If you’re following me on twitter ( you’ll already know that I’ve finished writing up my July wine journal. I must admit it’s quite a relief, it’s been a challenge to make note of every wine I’ve consumed in the last month and looking at the total I think that could be something to do with the number of wines I’ve had!

In retrospect I’m not sure how many I thought I’d got through before I tallied it up. Let me have a think… if I’d tried one wine everyday of the month that would have been 31 and as it turns out I had 8 wine-free days, so at a guess maybe 23 wines? Non, miles out. A grand total of 44 wines…. Eeek, it’s no wonder my waist band’s been expanding! What I find surprising is that I’ve tried this many wines during a month that I would have said was relatively quiet!

So, whilst it’s certainly not been a healthy month for my bank balance, in terms of research it’s been a great month! Here are the vital statistics:

July wine journal summary:

* Total number of wines tasted: 44 (Whites: 19, Rosé: 5, Red: 11, Sparking: 9)
* Number of unknown wines tasted: 8 (that’s wines that have been bought for me and I’ve been too polite to ask what they were… but manners can only get you so far!)
* Number of excellent wines: 2
* Number of really poor wines: 3

There are a couple of numbers that scream at me when I look through these figures. The first is the number of wines I recorded that I didn’t manage to write down, as a girl on a wine mission I’m ashamed to admit that the number is so high. The second is that of the 44 wines I drank I only noted that a measly 2 were excellent quality. That’s pretty embarrassing, in fact I’m rather ashamed of the wine trade for flooding the UK with so many mediocre wines. This is not going to make my wine mission easy.

Hmmm, where can things go from here?

On Tuesday my friend Little Jo and I sipped on a delicious bottle of Dencon 2005 from French producer Domaine Causse Marines (we were at the Artisan & Vine in Clapham which I would highly recommend and she asked me just that. “It’s all very well going on this wine mission Miss B but what’s the point?” she said. Good question.

Now Little Jo and I have been friends since uni so you can imagine we’ve had a fair share of alcohol together and back in the day I’m not afraid to admit that wine was not top of my list. At all. But as Little Jo and I grow up my interest in wine gets stronger as hers appears to dwindle. Firstly, there is nothing wrong with that. But secondly, and what I find most interesting is that in terms of frequency wine is just as much a part of her life as it is mine. The exception is that she is content with the generics – white, red or rosé please – whilst I prefer a bit more detail on what I put in my mouth… She is sceptical as to what I will achieve from my blog, my wine journal and ultimately my wine mission and she seems adamant that I won’t be able to get her more interested in a wine’s origin or steer her away from buying purely on price but I’m convinced that with time and a bit of effort I can.

So, ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you to Little Jo, my new protégé…..

10th August, 2009

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