There’s a reason why they call it a G&T….

Friday, September 4th, 2009

champagne tray_large… but unfortunately someone forgot to tell the barman.

G is for Gin, T is for tonic, a G&T minus the T = hangover central and Friday morning write-off. The dyslexic barman in question could be found at the free bar last night at The Rough Luxe hotel in Kings Cross, hanging out with the cool kids ( The cool kid that took me along was fellow girl about town and long time pal Clarky. As a celebrated journalist she’s always invited to the best parties and last night I was selected to be on her arm. Naturally we arrived a bit early for a catch up over a glass or two and found a homely little pub round the corner called The Fellow (; wooden floors, walls and furniture with sultry lighting, it was the perfect moody setting for the autumn evening that it turned out to be.

Now I’m not sure if it was the thought of all those hip creative types I was about to be faced with or whether I was trying to beat the 80’s revival thing at it’s own game but as if from nowhere I selected a glass of retro-blanc to start the evening. It was a glass of Sauvignon de Touraine Domaine de Marce 2008 from the Loire to be exact, a light, crisp, dry white that has long been off the must-drink-list but I figure if Kings Cross and ‘up-and-coming’ can be used in the same sentence then there’s hope for Sauvignon de Touraine yet. To my surprise however my retro glee was only momentary as I was swiftly out done by Clarky when her glass of bubbles arrived in a Marie Antoinette champagne glass….! Had we entered a time warp? I hadn’t seen a glass like that since the Ferrero Rocher Champagne Fountain parties of the 1990’s. If you’re not familiar with them then let me explain. A Marie Antoinette champagne glass has a shallow wide shape bowl and is the polar opposite of the tall elegant flutes we’re used to using for appreciating the good stuff. So the story goes, this peculiar shape came about not to help prolong the bubbles in the glass, non, of course not, instead they were designed in a manner that only a French man could get away with. Yes indeed they were crafted as a celebration of the former French queens breast…

So, now you know.

Anyway, once we finished our glasses we were safely transported firmly back to the new millennium at the Rough Luxe Hotel where the cool kids drink G&T’s minus the T, where we were treated to an intimate bedroom set by V.V.Brown ( and taken on a hotel tour by a lovely chap and his dog, Spud. When it was time to leave I had a couple of unlikely surprises. The first was the best goodie bag I’ve ever had (seriously, it included a pair of black Myla lace knickers, the other was a not so nice lingering hangover the next morning. It was a great night with a great pal but I can’t help feeling a bit miffed. You see I would have safely laid the blame of my thumping head with the lack of T with my G but when you spend an evening with a professional writer you think you’d be safe from the effects of basic spelling mistakes…. 😉

4th September, 2009

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