When the wine is right….

Sunday, March 31st, 2013


When I look at my toolkit of go-to brands it’s the ones I think of the least that I rely on the most. Like my Eve Lom moisturiser and my Seven for all mankind skinny’s once they’re on you can get on with things or as the French say “..if your clothes are right you don’t notice the clothes you notice the woman.”

When it comes to wine the same should apply, you want to enjoy the bottle you’re drinking but the moment you’re drinking it in should speak for itself, which makes pairing your wine with the drinking occasion a trick worth mastering.

Take this bottle of Café Cabernet produced by Linton Park in Paarl, South Africa; on its own it’s a little too shouty, a bit full on and kind of raw but drink it with some good quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa is best) and it smooth’s away the edges, brings out the blueberry and spiced plum flavours and allows you to gobble up those last few bits of Easter chocolate effortlessly. When the wine is right you don’t notice the wine you notice the moment.

Café Cabernet is available from thedrinkshop.com, £8.99. Chocolate not included!

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