Wine: good for you, bad for you….

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

A recent article online introduced me to the ‘imbibing idiot bias.’ Have you heard of it? From my research it’s not a new phenomenon, it’s quite a common reference used in the U.S. It basically gives a name to the ‘unconscious’ perception we place on people we see drinking alcohol to be dumber than their abstaining pals or colleagues. Studies have been done on the subject (obviously there is money to burn somewhere!) that advises that the ‘imbibing idiot bias’ is most detrimental during job interviews where candidates that chose a glass of wine with their meal are seen as less hireable than those that didn’t.

Even in my line of work I’m surprised how few interviews I’ve been asked to involve tasting wine – whether over dinner or otherwise. Maybe my wine exam results speak for themselves or perhaps, ironically, more wine is consumed in other professions!

Outside of the interview scenario having a glass of wine or any alcohol for that matter is known to enhance confidence so I can understand reaching for the wine list when under interview strain. But another study, this time in France, reveals that aside from giving us confidence drinking alcohol also makes us feel more attractive which when we’re back in the interview now makes me cringe at the thought of ordering wine.

In my own unfunded research I’ve been told on more than one occasion that guys have found extensive wine knowledge quite a turn on in a woman. Which is odd because even before I was married such is the bias towards men to chose the wine in a restaurant that despite the apparent allure of a wine savvy woman I don’t recall any man gesturing for the waiter to give me the wine list.

In other news, research released this week advises that drinking one or two small glasses of wine a day may help post-menopausal women warn off the bone wasting disease osteoporosis. Good news for the middle aged lush I would have thought, and yet common sense suggests that the more wine we imbibe the more likely we are to fall over and maybe break a bone or two! What’s a girl to do?

As a long time observer of the contradictory advice given out daily concerning the health benefits and health pitfalls of imbibing wine these latest findings have really got my head in a spin. I just hope one day I’m not on the wrong end of the table as an aging lady with no pension trying to clinch a job whilst balancing my daily intake of wine and an increasing prejudice that says my bones may be strong but I’m still an idiot.

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One Response to “Wine: good for you, bad for you….”

  1. Tom Parnell says:

    Haha — an excellent piece.