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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010


De Carnot champagne_coloured Qunita de Azevedo2

I’m getting increasingly annoyed by Them. You know the ones, that group that everyone refers to, never questions but no-one actually knows. I once heard Them say that as the speed of technology increases so does the pace of life…… and so here I sit avec laptop simultaneously realising that I haven’t written a blog post for over a month and that sometimes They are right.

It’s not that I’m short of news, au contraire, I’ve been sifting through copious notes for far too long separating the plonk from the fine to get you back in the wine-know, pronto. And whilst another person may call it procrastinating, I shall lay the blame firmly with that little blue bird – Twitter. You see I’ve found that as the pace of life has definitely increased, the time available to spend labouring over blog posts has decreased whilst my desire to let you know I’m still here continues to burn! Queue the little blue bird et voila, before you know it your time starved day + a couple of Tweets = temporary-contact-time-satisfaction.

Now then in case you’re not on Twitter yet or even worse, you are but you aren’t following me (@MissBouquet, hint hint) I’ve decided to attempt an all time first; to bring you up to speed with each of my wine highlights (and lowlights, see ‘tweet’ 1) of the last four weeks in 140 characters or less….

1. At the end of March the Government pushed through duty hikes of 8.5p on a bottle of still wine and 10.5p on a bottle of sparkling…

2. My life’s work to find the perfect wine to go with fish & chips is a step closer: barrel fermented Viura from Rioja, watch this space!

3. To wean you off heavy winter reds try Dino Selezione No6 Italia, Sangiovese 2008 a light-weight, light-bodied bargain from Tesco *

4. My gift to see into the future proved accurate when I was taken on a belated Valentine trip to Hotel du Vin in Harrogate in March!

5. Couldn’t afford Hotel du Vin champagne so sipped on a budget friendly bottle of Champagne De Carnot (uh hum.. from my free standing bath)**

6. Judging at the International Wine Challenge last week I was surrounded by old wine duffers. Dear IWC, at least try to make wine judging fun

7. Vinho Verde is back and it’s tasting great, try Quinta de Azevedo blanco 2009, it’s a stunning way to kiss winter goodbye – seriously ***

And there you have it, its over before it began. How was it for you?!

Miss B x

* Dino Selezione No6 Italia, Sangiovese 2008, was £9.35 now £4.49 at Tesco
** Champagne de Carnot Brut NV, was £21.99 now £17.99 at Oddbins
*** Qunita de Azevedo, Vinho Verde 2009, Portugal, was £6.39 now £4.99 at Waitrose

Tuesday 20th April 2010

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One Response to “Wine Twits….”

  1. Fish, chips and barrel fermented Viura is definately a winner.